Intensive Nutrition has a beneficial influence on the cell structures and

metabolism, altered by passing of time to ensure optimum pH balance.

Never the less optimum protection for against bacteria, bad smell & 

infections.  As a result strengthen ,tighten vagina muscle in and out thus 

eliminate vaginal discomfort.

Finest 7 in 1 all in one bottle !

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Stay fresh and redeem your comfort !

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Simply put,

our intimate 

cleanser is

the best ever

The most Wow No.1  Female Intimate Cleanser in Malaysia

Bring out the woman in you. Our intimate cleanser has been cultivated by months of research and made with only the finest 7 in 1 natural ingredients for optimum protection result and pH balance.

Especially formulated for vaginal

protection & multi benefits.

Suitable for unisex, daily wash, dry and sensitive skin.

Fefet Sireh Herbal Premium
RM29.90Regular PriceRM26.91Sale Price
Fefet Sireh Original Premium
RM24.90Regular PriceRM22.41Sale Price
Fefet Sireh Gold Premium
RM26.90Regular PriceRM22.87Sale Price

Fefet Sireh Herbal Premium

Fefet Sireh Original Premium

Fefet Sireh Gold Premium


Our secret ingredients ... revealed

The most powerful 7 in 1 Ingredients of the best

natural resources known worldwide

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About Fefet Malaysia

FEFET, the first company in Malaysia who came up with the concept of Female Intimate Wash now very well known as Fefet Sireh Premium.

Since then, the history begins with a wide variety of high quality products that focuses on women's inner and outer health and beauty care.

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